Sweet Pongal

Sweet Pongal is a popular dessert food in South India. It can be prepared in different ways and it varies with respect to region. Here, I am going to share the authentic and traditional style of cooking Sweet Pongal recipe. It is my favorite food. Sweet Pongal is offered as a naivedhyam in most of the temples especially in the Lord Surya Narayana temple. It serves as a first and foremost naivedhyam during Thai Pongal/Makara Sankranthi festivals. Our tradition is considering kitchen as same as temple. Our tradition gives equal importance to food style along with rituals. It is practiced as an art in our culture irrespective of gender. It is believed that offering sweet pongal to the Lord Surya Narayana on Ratha Saptami/Sunday brings sweet and happy life.


Raw Rice1 Cup
Moong Dal½ Cup
Jaggery1 Cup
Edible CamphorPinch
Cardamom3 Pieces
Cashew Nut15 Pieces
Raisins15 Pieces
Banana½ Piece
Grated Coconut3 Teaspoon
Ghee8 Teaspoon
Coconut Milk½ Cup
Cow Milk½ Cup
Water2 Cup

Let us start cooking. Please follow the steps one by one.

Roast moong dal in a heated pan for 2-3 mins till you get a roasted small of moong dal. Add a drop of ghee to get an aromatic odor. Once it is roasted, keep this aside.

Add 2 Cups of Water and boil it for 2 minutes.

Add 1 Cup of Coconut milk and 1 Cup of Cow milk.

Add 1 Cup of washed raw rice and 1/2 Cup of fried moong dal. Stir it well and close the pan.

Pressure cook it for 5 minutes or wait for 3 Whistles from a cooker. Remove the pan from the stove once it is cooked.

Let us prepare seasoning. Crush Cardamom, Nutmeg, Edible Camphor and Banana.

Take an another pan and add 2 Teaspoons of Ghee.

Add the smashed Banana and fry it for 30 seconds.

Add Cashew nuts and Raisins and roast it for 1 minute until it turns brown. Remove the pan from the stove.

Let us prepare Jaggery syrup. Take a fresh pan and add 1/2 Cup of water and boil it for 2 minutes.

Add the powered Jaggery to the hot water and stir it well. Once it is heated well, it turns into a caramel.

Add a pinch of Nutmeg powder, Edible Camphor and Cardamom to the Jaggery syrup. Remove the pan from the stove and keep this aside.

We have almost prepared the recipe. Let us open the pressure cooker.

Rice is cooked completely.

Add the jaggery syrup, fried nuts and grated coconut. Stir it well.

Add 2-3 Teaspoon of Ghee and stir it again. If the mixture becomes dry add 1-2 Teaspoon of Cow/Coconut Milk. The color of sweet pongal depends on Jaggery’s color and how long it is heated.

Warning: Do not add edible camphor and nutmeg more than a pinch. Otherwise, it will spoil the entire taste of the pongal.

Now, Pongal is ready.

Thank you!

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