Jyothisha Shastra – Indian Astrology (In Progress)

||Sri Madh Gurubyo Namah||

||Omkara poorvika devi veena pushdaka dhaarni veda maatha namastubhyam avai dhavyam prayachame| 
Lakshmi lajje maha vidhye shrradhae pushti swadedruve Maha ratri maha maye Narayani Namosthuthe||

I am happy to start writing an article about Jyothisha Shastra. Its Ashwina masa, Shukla paksha, Dasami Thithi today. An auspicious day to perform vidhyabhyasam or any form of abhayasa activities. The word Jyothisha means a place where the light originates or a heavenly body. I stared learning astrology at an age of 12. As we all know astrology is an ocean. It is not just memorizing the rules and planetary positions. One has to check the birth chart whether the person is capable to learn this divine art. There are some planetary positions or aspects which is needed to learn or excel in Jyothishsa Shasthra. Now are days, Astrology is becoming commercial. People started learning this divine art without any principles. It is an annexure of the Vedha called as Upaveda. It plays a vital role in performing vedic rituals and so jyothisha shastra is a nethra of Vedha Shasthra.

In this article, I will add some information about concepts in Vedic Astrology.

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